Our team of seasoned industry professionals bring extensive and in-depth experience, having managed businesses & projects for some of the best known companies in the hospitality sector.

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Simon Wright Managing Partner, International

Michelle Moreno Group Brand Director, International

Jonathan Mangham Design Director, International

Philippe Schwartz Financial Director, International

Nick Cuadrado Corporate Culinary Director, International

Pete Warden Chief Operating Officer, International

Scot Turner Senior Operations Director, International

Cheryl Sheppard Group Sales & Marketing Director, International

Natalie Scott Brand Director, International

Laura Vaglio Sales & Marketing Manager, UK

Ruta Buckle Project Manager, UK

Dana Grunwald Office Manager, UK

Stephanie Abou Jaoude Quality Control Manager, UAE

Mimy Kim Sales & Marketing Manager, UAE

Bella Barda Sales & Marketing Manager, International

Nisha Thakkar Marketing & Social Media Executive, International

Sally Ossepian Talent Coordinator, International

Fumiko Okuwaki Design Associate, International