TGP International specializes in a comprehensive range of services. Our clients can choose from turnkey solutions or bespoke services that fit their business needs.

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Interior Design

TGP International design service brings together a unique combination of client focused design direction, coupled with operational expertise.

Our all-round service ensures that we design interiors that are both beautiful and efficient, producing spaces with interesting key visual anchors and great customer experiences.

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Concept Development

TGP International works with each client to develop the correct concept that meets their overall business needs. The services provided include:

  • Concept vision and detail
  • Site selection, especially in terms of location in the London & UK market
  • Design, layout & logistics front and back of house
  • Budgets
  • Music policy
  • Uniforms and graphics development
  • Market Studies
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Brand Representation

TGP International represents high-quality brands looking to expand their operations through strategic partnerships and license agreements. This includes different styles and concepts of restaurants, bars & nightclubs whilst ensuring the integrity of the brand is maintained.

Management Contracts

Through ongoing operational management, TGP International develops long-term relationships with our clients based on a focused approach towards sustainable profitability or turn-around of low-profit/loss making operations. We focus on the following key areas:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Quality management
  • Cost Control
  • People management/development vision and detail
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